Software Cost Assessment

For my November project for a company, I did a deeper dive into the cost of all the applications that we use. Here was my weekly checklist for the month of November, with modifications to avoid showcasing company data.

​While going through this checklist (left), I was able to make a solid breakdown of the different plans and costs of all of the software (right) my company uses. Once the software pricing breakdown was created, I made a tab for what my company is paying, what plan we were on, and then another tab​ for our clients.

What went well? 
Collecting the exact numbers itself was the smoothest part of this project. 

What didn’t go so well? 
Realizing that Domain Control, the “advanced feature #1”, was much more complicated than I originally thought. This slowed me down more than expected.

What did I learn from this? I need to plan in “wiggle room” for issues that can come up during the month with projects like this.

What will roll over into the future months? 

I will still work with the Domain Control (advanced feature) ​options, now that I’ve learned more about it. It could still be of good use for us, but ultimately I think it’s best to adjust the size of the plan for that software instead of focusing on the advanced features.

How did this project benefit my company? 
First benefit would be helping a client adjust their pricing once we had more clear information. The second benefit would just be having the data readily at hand for any adjustments that could be made in the future.

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