Process Document Writing and Reformatting

When I was training five offshore employee’s at a previous job, I learned how important it was to have clear, understandable, visually organized process documents. Ever since then, I have developed a minor obsession with tidying and reorganizing how-to guides. I used this obsession to benefit my Praxis business partner in my first month working for them.

That was a win-win situation! My company gained a chunk of reformated and more organized documents, and I was able to read through the processes and better understand the company I was newly signed on with too.


By the end of this month, October 2018, I had written or reviewed or reformatted approximately 22 process documents.


Although I knocked out a lot of documents, I will be keeping an eye out for more of them that I can reformat going forward still as well.

*This is an example of how I format my process documents and corrections I would make to an old one. These documents shown here are not in use with Mission First Operations and are examples only. These were made to ensure no private information was displayed.


Example of a "Before" Document

This process document still says what is needed to complete the task, but this could be clearer in a few ways.

I’ve corrected the items in the “after” example below.


Example of a "After" Document

  • Always include the company logo in all process documents. Be sure that this is only on the first page of the document, as it will only clutter up the additional pages after the first.


  • A one-line header that states the process name.


  • A one to two line subheader that states the of the purpose of the process. The “why” behind it is helpful to a person understanding how the process actually works. This is a good place for the “frequency” of the process too.


  • Spacing, spacing, spacing. When you add the right amount of spacing, a process can seem less daunting or overwhelming.


  • Screenshots are always helpful in any process guide, no matter how small.

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