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Paint Fight Project

A photoshoot idea I bright to life with the help of three friends.

The Idea and Goal

Back in 2012, I was working to build up my photography portfolio. Because of this, I usually spent time thinking up fun photo shoot ideas.
One day, I thought:
“What would it look like if a couple models wore white clothes and threw bright paint at each other with a white background?”
Finding Models and Supplies:
I quickly found two friends who were very interested in this photo shoot. I had my models, but next was collecting supplies. I bought acrylic paints, lots of glitter, safety glasses and goodwill bed sheets for the backdrop.
Finding the Location:

The hardest part was searching for a park that we could use. Many parks didn’t have a place to hang up the sheets easily.  After some searching around close by empty baseball park, we stumbled upon a wall where we could secure the backdrop.

Unintentionally Finding a New Photographer:

I originally planned to be involved in the paint fight as well as taking the photos. Right when we finished setting up, I realized how difficult it would be to take pictures and try to be in them at the same time. Thankfully my friend, Austin, had been riding by on his bike and we called him over to take the photos instead. I was happy that this allowed me to model for the first time in years.

Although I didn’t get to add this to my photography portfolio, I came up with the concept, collected the needed supplies and organized the project as a whole. I was more than happy with the results and what I learned from this project.



Photography Credit: Austin’s work is fantastic, check out more of his photography at

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