Google Analytics Project

A project for My Magic Mud

Why Google Analytics?

At the beginning of my time with Praxis, I set a goal to learn and understand more about at least one new program. After learning about MailChimp during my Excellennial project, I decided that I wanted to look at other applications other than Mailchimp.

What is My Magic Mud?

My Magic Mud is a toxic-free toothpaste brand. They make activated charcoal toothpaste, oral rinse, floss, and even earth-friendly toothbrushes. They have an awesome family-focused background story and a very impressive variety of products.

What did I learn?

This video was a Value Proposition I sent to My Magic Mud in late August of 2018. In it, I review some updates that I made to my websites Google Analytics. Before recording the video, I had to learn how to make the changes in my settings.

Although the video shows most of what I learned, I wanted to list out some of the most significant benefits I’ve noticed from this project.

Here are a couple of the biggest takeaways from learning each of these settings in my Google Analytics.


  • “FIltering Internal Views” – When you update your IP address to your analytics, you avoid counting when you view your website. The last thing I want to do is think I have a ton of clicks, but it’s just me.


  • “Creating a backup view” – This is great because it gives you something to compare your data too. (I’m all about data!) Being able to look at the backup view versus view my “modified working view” gives me a clear overview of how my settings are working for me. Or if they are working against me, then it shows me what I could change to make the working view better.


  • “Enable Bot Filtering” – No one likes to have inaccurate data when they are trying to target a particular market or showcase a new idea or product. Bots can skew the data and ruin your results for you. I can feel more confident in my data, knowing this filter is on.

This was a fun project that I learned a lot from and plan to dive even deeper into Google Analytics in the month to come!

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