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Tiny House Build

I build my own 200 sq. ft. tiny house!

The Project and Goal


In 2014, I decided that I was going to build my own 200 sq. ft. tiny house with my husband.

Here I have laid out a photograph based breakdown of the tiny house build and how things have gone after moving into the house. This was my home for 5.5 years and it was a wonderful experience to have and I’ve learned so much for all of those years living in it!

Pre-Commitment Photos

July – August 2013

When contemplating if I wanted to build and live in a tiny house, I took steps to see what I would be getting myself into – literally. I drew up an accurate (mostly) caulk outline of the house layout. This helped me see a clearer view of the living space available. After this, a drawing iPad app was used to make an ideal design and layout sketch based on what my boyfriend, Eddie, and I wanted in our home.

Early-Build Photos

February – March 2014

The build began in February, soon after my Tumbleweed Tiny House Trailer was delivered in Manor, Texas. The crew of three, my father, my boyfriend and myself, managed to have all four walls and the roof up in a mater of two months.

Mid-Build Photos

April – June 2014

We already had the windows in and it had only been two and a half months since we started building! Still, much work was left to do so I quickly moved on to painting the trim. Next, after taking a break in the attic, Eddie and I got right to staining all the siding before installing it.

Late-Build Photos

July – September 2014

Seeing the flooring installed and the lights turned on made this project really come to life for me. It looked more and more like a home each day. Once the insulation and interior walls were installed, it was all over. I was completely in love with my home I had built.

On another note, spiders, scorpions, and snakes, oh my! You can see more of the creatures we had to deal with on the next page of photos. If you would rather not see them, then feel free to keep scrolling on by.

Video Tour

January 2015

After moving in, Tiny House Giant Journey visited our area and made a video tour of our tiny house! At the time, we still had a lot of work to do, but it’s a nice tour still!

Post Move-In Photos

April 2015

Months later, we organized a tad more and settled in properly.  We had a few items that still needed work and have slowly gotten more items updated in our house. Now I’ve been living in my tiny house with my husband and my dog since September of 2014 and still love it.

Sale Photos

May 2020

After 5 and a half years of living in the tiny house, my husband and I had decided that it was time to move onto our next adventure. That included selling out beloved Tiny Home that we lovingly still called “The Deliberateer”. 

These were the photos that we took of it after it was fully completed and ready to be shown to potential buyers.

Thank you for viewing my project page for my tiny house build!

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