Product Photography

A project with Balloon Florist.

The Company and Goal

Balloon Florist was a small business that sold bouquets of tulip shaped balloons. There were a variety of colors and themed bouquet packages. I was asked to take photos of these products for their website’s sales page and for advertisements.

First Product Photoshoot

This was the first product photo shoot, and technically, was one of the first prototypes of the balloon bouquets. This is something that was kept in mind while taking the photos, product updates were expected and additional photoshoots were planned accordingly.

Setting the Stage!

I made a homemade lightbox for this shoot, it was a simple cardboard box with whiteboard secured to it from the inside of the box. This provided a simple white background for the bouquets to be showcased on. For the lighting, I used the overhead ceiling lights in the room. In this case, the lighting had room for improvement and this was a great lesson to learn for the next shoot.

Outdoor Photoshoot

This set of photos were to focus on selling the concept of Balloon Florist. The thought was, “What if you found a balloon flower in the wild? What would that look like?”

Setting the Stage!

I began with finding a field area near my home as the scene to take these photos. I had a short window of time due to the balloons deflating in the heat of the sun, but I was able to utilize the natural sunlight.

Second Product Photoshoot

After some product changes, we set up the second session. I adjusted my setup and angles of the photos which greatly altered the overall look of the photos.

Setting the Stage!

I used the homemade lightbox again but additionally I edited each photo with focus on the background to even out lighting and color.

I took into consideration the lighting used in the last photos and figured out how to increse the light balance this time. I decided to use two plug-in lamps that were directed toward the lightbox, with one on each side to help even out the light and shadows.

The Valentine’s day advertisement with my photo!
A behind-the-scenes photo of the set up for shoot number 2!
Myself and the owner of Balloon Florist, Eddie, were invited to make balloons at a Father-Daughter Dance.

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