My Autobiography

A lifelong project.

Why begin writing a memoir so early?


When I was eight years old, my grandmother began writing her memoir. She read one of the first chapters to me, and it made me so happy to see into the past of my grandmother. I was able to get to know her better through her stories of her past. Not just telling me about it, but the details of how she remembered it all.

I want to capture that before my memories begin to fade, both for myself, my children, other family members and anyone else who was interested. With that said, I started writing my autobiography at 17 years old!


Check out a couple excerpts from Volume 1:

My Fourth Birthday

My fourth birthday was by far the most memorable. Newly four-year-old Lacey Jade is sitting at the table hovering her pretty little birthday cupcakes, which her lovely mother made for her. The cupcakes had cute little faces on them, they were frosted and had hard candy as the eyes and mouth and shredded coconut for the hair. We didn’t know then, that little Lacey didn’t like coconut.

My mom left the room to go to the bathroom and set the camera on the counter, still on and recording me. Of course, while she was gone, I had to sneak a taste of my delicious looking cupcakes.

I tasted a tiny bit of the coconut and scrunched up my face. “Mom, I don’t like the hair!
This was when we knew… no almond joys for Lacey.  

What tooth?

One snow day, I had all my snow gear on and looked like a puffy stiff marshmallow. I was making a snow hill with my dad and Dillon (my friend) in front of our house. I accidentally dropped my shovel but had a hard time picking it up when I tried to lean down.

Rather than asking for help, I thought I could step on the shovel and catch the handle. Instead, because I was a stiff marshmallow, my arm didn’t move fast enough and the handle smashed into my mouth. I don’t remember what happened immediately after this, but I felt something in the back of my throat.

Side note: I lost my baby teeth fast, and my new adult teeth grew in quickly, so I already had nearly all of my adult teeth in.

What I felt was half of my front adult permeant tooth caught in the back of my throat. I quickly spat it into my hand and suddenly noticed a sharp cold feeling on my front tooth.  What I was feeling was the cold air on the exposed insides of my tooth.

It (my tooth) had broke in half, right across the middle!

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