My Pitch Deck and About Me Video

Creating foundational "About me" video and a value showcasing "Pitch Deck" with Praxis.

What is a pitch deck?:  In Praxis, each participant has to create a pitch deck. A pitch deck is a power point document with a handful or two of slides that give a quick and clear image of who a person is in the professional realm.

What is the goal of a pitch deck?:  A pitch deck needs to highlight your achievements. This is to show your personality, and more importantly, to express what transferable skills you have for future employers. 

Click the link below to check out my Praxis pitch deck! (Clicking this link will download a powerpoint format of my Pitch Deck.)

Lacey Jade Lanzo’s Pitch Deck

What is an “About Me” video?:  In Praxis, each participant has to create a “About Me” video. It must be under 60 second, with low background sound, clear speaking and a professional appearance. You must give a quick breakdown of why someone should hire you.

What is the goal of an “About Me” video?:  Similar to the pitch deck, you need to highlight things that employers would want. What’s your personality like? Do you sound robotic or comfortable? How well can you convey your message? 

Check out my “About Me” video below!

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