My Work


My Praxis Experience

Starting in May 2018, I began an education program called Praxis. At the end of each month, I put together a blog post that reviewed my experience!

Excel Tutorial Videos

Excellenial is my youtube channel where I make story-based Excel video tutorials. I thought up the original idea in early 2018. From there, it morphed into my Praxis portfolio project for module two in June 2018.

Google Analytics Guide

In August of 2018, I made a value proposition for My Magic Mud. In this value proposition video, I reviewed what I had recently learned about Google Analytics and explained how I thought I could help their company with my knowledge.

In 2016, I began my website called The Whimsy Reader where I write about quirky and entertaining activities like acrobatic work, hula hooping and more!

My Autobiography

I began writing my autobiography when I was just seventeen years old! This is a project I am excited to add to for the rest of my life.

Building my own Tiny House

In 2014, I decided to build and live in a tiny house. I managed the financial side of the project, organized the different stages of the build and got my hands on some power tools while putting in hundreds of labor hours.

Paint Fight Photoshoot

In 2012, I thought up and planned a photo shoot for a few friends and me to throw paint at each other. The project was lots of fun and the results were excellent!

Lovable Lacey Photography

In 2010, I bought my first DSLR camera and started building my photography skills from there!

Writing Process Documents

For October 2018, my project was focused on reorganizing the format of my companies process documents, both new and old. I write documents in a format that is detailed but easy to read, professional but not technical.

Software Cost Assessment

For November 2018, my project was focused on reducing company cost based on all the software subscriptions.

Vendor Reorganization and Clean-up

For December 2018, my project was focused on organizing a base of vendors that we utilize and ensuring we did not have unused or oddly formatted​ vendors.

A Basic Guide for 1099-MISC

For January 2019, my project was focused on sending out 1099’s to contractors. For my post, I dive into what a 1099 is, when a person needs one and more.

Writing an Excel Macro with VBA

For February 2019, my project was focused on writing and utilizing an Excel macro! To do this, I utilized Visual Basic for Applications as well as the macro recording feature.

Product Photography

I worked with Balloon Florist for a time, taking and editing product photos for the sales webpage and marketing.

My Pitch Deck and About Me Video

Creating foundational “About me” video and a value showcasing “Pitch Deck” with Praxis.

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