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My name is Lacey Jade Lanzo and I am the tiny house owning, excel-loving, chihuahua mama who does acrobatic yoga and hula hoops for fun. Want to know why I decided to build my own tiny house? Or why I love excel so much? Perhaps you just want to know how I taught my chihuahua to quietly talk and to play dead? Welcome to my about page, where you will find all the answers! Just kidding, not all of them, but you will find the answers to these questions.
Why did you want to build a 200 sq ft house?: I was a 20-year-old trying to get out of my parent’s place and get my own with my boyfriend. The Austin area is not cheap, and building a tiny house would pay for itself in rent savings in a matter of two years! In addition to the financial benefits, I am a pretty organized person so a tiny space wasn’t very intimidating. I also grew up with my dad doing construction work so I was not scared to get my hands on some power tools! Plus, how cool is that to think of owning your own house at 21 years old?   

You actually enjoy excel?: Yes, I know I’m a weirdo for thinking excel is fun but let me explain why! I see it this way:  I can always find a new challenge with excel, there constantly will be new things to learn and people can come to me with excel related problems and (given some research and time) I can resolve their issue and reduce their stress. That’s a pretty neat feeling.  

What the heck is acrobatic yoga?: Oh, I’m so glad you asked! I wrote a post about that called What the heck is acroyoga? Acroyoga is the act of balancing on another person’s feet and hands in different poses or a sequence of moves. Acroyoga, hula hoop dance and any other awkward new physical challenge are my ultimate flow states. (At least after the first few tries.) These things help fuel me because they are reminders that, with a little bit of work, you can accomplish amazing things! 

Okay… how does a Chihuahua quietly talk?: Most Chihuahuas are typically bark boxes, but when I got Clark I decided that he wasn’t going to be a yippy dog. I started teaching him as a wee pup that he was allowed to make any sounds, except loud barks. When we played, I would only throw his toys if he would “speak” – meaning, quiet whines and low growls. Anytime he barked though, I would tell him “no bark” and keep his reward from him. He quickly learned that he was allowed to speak but not bark! I never wanted to restrict him from expressing himself or telling me when he needs something, now he can just be polite about it.

Wait, did you say he can play dead?  He knows tricks?: Clark is a ham that will do any trick for any treat. I taught him how to roll-over, sit, twirl, sit-up, high-five, shake a paw, play dead and more!

What else do you do?: I write for laceylanzo.com, weight-lift, play occasional video games like Final Fantasy VII, meal plan, collect records, work with horses on occasion, journal, listen to records, and read my bible! 

Cool, what are your next plans?: I am always looking for ways to grow in my abilities and develop intellectually. After completing the Praxis program in May 2019, my focus has turned to publishing things I’m learning or working on here on laceylanzo.com. Well, there’s a glimpse into my story. How about yours?


Fun Facts

I’ve lived in my (nearly) 200 sqft tiny house since 2014.

I can do a headstand for over 30 seconds.

I love going to the gym. Squats and deadlifts for life!

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