Today I’m Grateful for…

Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum!

On my trip to Boston, my husband and I went to the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum where we got to have a live experience of the Boston Tea Party. It was one of the most fun museums” I have ever seen.

We got assigned “characters” – or rather, people who were there and involved with the Boston Tea Party. Eddie was assigned “David Kinnison” and I was “Thomas Melville“ during our time there, and we both got to “toss the tea” for real! (Though, as a side note, there is lots of speculation on whether or not David Kinnison ever actually was there.)

They have a ton of really amazing information too, so it is fun and highly educational. Id love to take our kids there someday. Oh, we even were able to taste all of the teas that would have been thrown overboard during the Boston Tea Party – that was pretty amazing too!


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