Today I’m Grateful for…

the Freedom to have a Different Opinion.

Today I’m grateful for the Freedom to have a Different Opinion.

I recently had a pretty intense conversation with a friend about politics. I already knew that she and I disagreed on some foundational beliefs, but this time we got onto a bigger topic.

We were able to challenge each other without feeling like the other person didn’t have a right to their opposing view. Although I may have been actually “right” about some things and her “right” about others, neither of us felt that we were wrong for having our views heard.

This gave me an opportunity to think through my ground more and help me reconsider where needed and grow stronger in my debating skills on certain topics too. 

Thankfully we are both civil and ended the conversation still with disagreements but also a hug. I’m grateful for our friendship being comfortable enough too that we can get into it with politics and still be friends.

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