Recently I decided to merge my two websites: and

As you can imagine, merging websites was a daunting task. At least, it was at first – but I am here to tell you it is not as complicated as it sounds if you have a website.

Exporting from the old website!

First, log in to with the credentials for the website you are dissolving.

Then, go to the tools section on your sidebar.

Once the pop-up appears, you will see the option to select Export.

This is a section that will give you all of the export options relating to your categories, tags, media, and more.

I personally decided to export everything so I could clean it up once I moved into

One thing to consider during this step, is the size of your media from your old website. After I imported the data, I realized that my old site had high-resolution photos that I didn’t want on my new website. This created a few more steps for me since the import was already done.

Once you selected what you want to move over to your other website, select Download Export File. This will begin the process of downloading an XML file. 

Once the download is complete, you will log off of your old website.

Importing to the new website!


From here, you can log back into This time, with the new site that you are moving your data into​. Then, go to the tools in the sidebar, but this time you will choose import.

This next page gives you multiple import options, but you only need to look at the one at the bottom. Select Run Importer under “WordPress” and this will take you to the upload page. The upload page will give you the option to select that previously downloaded XML file.

Once you select the right file, choose Upload file and import.

(Depending on how much data you originally had on the old website this could take a little bit of time.)

Once this process is finalized, you may want to look through your categories to make sure that you only have the ones that you want. That may include re-categorizing some of the imported posts.

I found that some of my blog post formatted a little bit differently because my old website had such a different layout compared to my current site. This resulted in a few extra formatting changes that needed to be completed on my old posts that I added to my new website. Keep in mind that you may have to do this process as well if you’re as nitpicky as I am!

After any detailing is done, you’re all set! Wasn’t as complicated as you thought right!?

I really hope that learning this process helps you as much as it helps me!

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