In this post, I talk through how this past month has gone in my Praxis program and Praxis business partner apprenticeship.

To learn more about my experience in the Praxis program, check out my series of blog post called My Praxis Experience: Monthly Blog Posts.

What I’m Learning…

… in my business partner apprenticeship: 

1099’s are no joke! This month is a big deal for the upcoming tax season and a part of that is ensuring everyone has 1099’s for 2018. I’ve learned a ton more about what qualifies someone for 1099’s, what needs to be reported on them and how urgent it is to get them sent out.

Check out more on this in my January portfolio blog post. 

… in my life in general: I learned a lot more about knitting different designs like the stockinette and garter stitch, as well as stopping the stockinette from rolling in on the sides.

What I’m Creating…

… in my business partner apprenticeship: 

 I recently created another Excel macro! I decided that I was going to keep working on a “weekly vendor scrub report” after my vendor clean-up project in December. With my newly written Excel macro, we can pull a report of all the vendors in our system and the macro will filter down to the following:

* New vendors. (For profile updates)
* Vendors who are any status, don’t already have faster payments and still have payments due at all.
* Vendors who are active, don’t already have the faster payment and were paid in the last 30 days

(The last two filters will help me to find who I need to invite to the faster payment system.)


… in my life in general: I recently got back into knitting and have been making headbands! They are super cute but also, very simple to make. 

How I’m Growing…

What have I done this month to grow into the person I seek to be: 


At the end of December, I spent some time looking into nearby churches. I stumbled upon one that looked very welcoming, and my husband and I decided to try it out this month. We’ve gone each weekend this month and it has been a wonderful experience so far. This has also helped me have a more God-focused mindset in my day-to-day too!

Weekly Wednesday Workshop

Each week, we have a Praxis video call with other Praxis participants. We have a speaker and then a closing participant conversation. This is my breakdown of my favorite Praxis Wednesday call this month.


Jack Sayler spoke with us about “how” you think and what to do to adjust your thinking.

What I learned from him: “Most everything is in your mind.” Perception does so much for a person, both in a positive way and in a negative way. It can shift your entire day from a beautiful, amazingly productive day to a so-so semi-productive day.

What I learned from the participant conversation:  I’m not sure how it happened, but our participant talk developed into a massive discussion about the phrase “What’s up?” and evaluating how much information a person should give in response. I learned that it is a formula! When someone asked you “What’s up?” but you aren’t sure if they want a full rundown or just a “not much, you?” then you do this:

Them: What’s up?

You: Just working on XYZ project, what are you up to lately? 
(This is vague but open for more questions.)

Them, option 1 – if interested: Oh, tell me more about XYZ?

Them, option 2 – If looking for “not much”: Oh cool, yeah, not much with me.

What I learned from the exercise:  Jack helped me understand a fast way to clear my mind with this simple trick: If you are feeling busy in your mind or flustered than you can clear your mind by asking yourself “What is my next thought?” You likely drew a blank and have now settled your mind!

Quote of the night:  Positive actions start with positive words, try to use “inclusionary” vs “exclusionary” words. “I’m not a crook” is exclusionary/negative. Whereas “I’m an innocent man” is inclusionary/positive.

I hope you enjoyed my monthly summary of my time with Praxis and my Praxis business partner. If you are interested in learning more about Praxis, check out
If you are already thinking about applying, then just jump in and apply! It helps you understand the program even more and there is nothing to lose. If you use my Personal Application Link, get accepted and confirm you will begin the program then you will get $100!
~ Lacey Jade Lanzo

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