This post is the eighth part of a series of blog posts, reviewing my time in the Praxis program. Want to start at the beginning? Check out my series of blog post called My Praxis Experience: Monthly Blog Posts.

In this post, I talk about how this past month has gone in my Praxis program and Praxis apprenticeship.

Now this month was very different, because I ended up spending time writing a “weekly update post” about Decembert 18th to 22nd. This is a good breakdown of how the month overall went as well, check it out:

Going forward, as of January, that will be the format I’ll be using with my monthly blog posts. With that said, this post and the weekly apprenticeship summary above both express two different sides to how this month went. Reading them both provides a clearer view of the month

How I’m Growing…

What have I done this month to grow into the person I seek to be: 
Just recently, I had a conversation with my Husband about SMART goals and what that means in my life this next year. In turn, I’ve been spending some time researching how I can apply this to my life and how to create a routine around it. I’m excited to apply this as a weekly tool and see how it goes!

Achievements of December:

  • Completed reading How to Win Friends and Influence People 
  • Created my “Weekly Summary” blog post.
  • Published/Scheduled three Excellennial youtube videos.
  • Reorganized my company’s vendor base for my project.


Continued plans for January:

  • Continue to watch/listen to videos from the Praxis youtube on my Wednesday lunches.
  • Spend my time on Thursday’s on Excel video outlines.
  • Record, edit and post one Excel video per weekend.
  • Work out a system for creating and regularly measuring SMART goals.
  • Assess, plan and execute on a tax related project for my company.


I hope you enjoyed my monthly summary of my time with Praxis and my Praxis business partner.
If you are interested in learning more about Praxis, check out

If you are already thinking about applying, then just jump in and apply! It helps you understand the program even more and there is nothing to lose. If you use my Personal Application Link, get accepted and confirm you will begin the program then you will get $100!

~ Lacey Jade Lanzo

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