In this post, I talk through how this past week has gone in my Praxis program and business apprenticeship. To learn more about my Praxis Experience, check out My Praxis Experience: Monthly Blog Posts.

Now onto the breakdown of December 18th, 2018 to December 22nd, 2018!

What I’m Learning…

… in my business partner apprenticeship: 

I learned the importance of making changes over multiple software platforms. Although I was very proud of my work cleaning up my company’s vendor database, I ended up running into some issues. We found that some updates I made had incorrectly synced to a second system that another department uses. My big lesson: ensure you are clearly communicating with others about big projects!

… in my life in general: I learned that “float spas” have memberships that are fairly affordable!

Although I want to work hard on my projects, I also want to be sure I am taking the right amount of time to relax. I don’t have an easy time “relaxing” though. So to force myself, I decided to research getting a membership to a float spa! (A.K.A. sensory deprivation tank, where you float in salt water and feel weightless in quiet darkness. It sounds scary, but it is very relaxing!)

What I’m Creating…

… in my business partner apprenticeship: 

I created a more organized way to approach our vendor database. I started by completely reorganizing my company’s vendor base (removing old vendors, updating formatting, etc.). Once that was done, I saw how we could utilize some reporting features to collect more specific data on vendors that we could update further.

… in my life in general: The holidays shook up my schedule a bit, but I still have been working on creating my Excellennial videos. I even made a special New Year video for the end of the year!

How I’m Growing…

What have I done this week to grow into the person I seek to be?: 

Probably the hardest question to answer, but worth thinking about regularly. Along with scheduling my first “float spa” visit, I also have been working to integrate mindfulness meditation into my life.

It may not always be easy to do daily, but I know it will help me modify my neuropathways to more easily trigger the mindset that I would like to have in my day-to-day. The mindset is this: staying in the moment and only thinking beyond that when I am setting aside time to create or evaluate a plan or goal.

Weekly Wednesday Workshop

Each week, we have a Praxis video call with other Praxis participants. We have a speaker and then a closing participant conversation. Here is my breakdown of the Praxis Wednesday call this week.


Hannah Phillips was the speaker at our last Praxis Wednesday. She is an artist, Praxis Alumni, a business owner, and a very pro-online presence kind of person.

What I learned from her: Hannah makes it very clear how important she believes it is to create a solid on online presence for yourself. She explained to us how she thinks of her social media, and how to use a theme or style. She told us that the theme or style should be clear and consistent enough that your followers know (generally) what to expect but vague enough for you to post some variety.

What I learned from the participant conversation:  As an exercise, each of us was partnered up with another Praxis participant and reviewed each other’s social media profiles, personal or professional websites and the like.  I was happy with the feedback I received. Balanced in professional and self-development blog posts, athletic, etc. I wasn’t super excited being told that it’s apparent that I’m a dog lover… I post too many photos of my dog. Oops, still a good lesson!

That was a great exercise and helped me change my perspective on how I handle my online presence.

What I learned from the exercise: Although I love my dog, and cannot stop taking photos of him…. I don’t want to have a reputation online as “the dog lady”! To combat that, I’ve been thinking of other things I can post online to my profile, and I also created a separate account for my dog. Yes, I’m the lady with an Instagram account for my dog, but at least I’m not “the dog lady” now!

I hope you enjoyed my weekly summary of my time with Praxis and my Praxis business partner. If you are interested in learning more about Praxis, check out

~ Lacey Jade Lanzo

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