This post is the seventh part of a series of blog posts, reviewing my time in the Praxis program. Want to start at the beginning? Check out My Praxis Experience: Pre-Program and Month 1.

To dive right in, of my hot items this month was my November project for MFO. Here’s my project post on the Software analysis:

My Lesson from my November Project

One thing I learned from my November project that really stuck to me is the difference between pushing yourself and recognizing your challenge.

Now I don’t care too much for the phrase “be realistic” because I think that limits creativity too much. After this month though, I realize that there are two uses for this phrase. The first use, the one I don’t care for, is when someone tells you to be realistic with yourself and your own limitations. That can be dangerous.

Whereas, if you are being realistic about the limitations that you may run into, outside of yourself, then you can go into a project more prepared to work through or overcome those obstacles.

I still am happy with most of the progress I was able to make in November, but I think if I had recognized some more of the issues that I could have run into earlier in the month then I think I could have been better off with my results.

With that said, I will be taking this lesson seriously and properly aligning my next project!

Online Software Training

I spent a lot of time this month with online training! I am now officially “Expensify approved” through the Expensify training program and have also completed the training console. 
These two training sessions have helped me better understand the little pieces that can make working in these two programs more efficient!

Continued Plans for December:

  • Continue to watch/listen to videos from the Praxis youtube on my Wednesday lunches.
    • This includes Talkin’ ‘Bout Praxis, the Praxis Daily videos, and T.K.’s College Tour of Bad Arguments.
  • Spend my time on Thursday’s on Excel video outlines.
  • Record, edit and post one Excel video per weekend.
  • Read five pages of How to Win Friends and Influence People every day.

Project for December:

Both I and my boss are, well, as some may say, overly organized? Or at least we do what we can to keep the clutter away. One thing that my boss and I were recently talking about is how many vendors are uploaded into our system that don’t get used often.

I’m going to see how much I can clean up and re-format these vendors in our system in the month of December. This will help us keep a more organized vendor base for all of our clients. Although this seems small, it can keep lots of little details clearly aligned with our goals!

If you are interested in learning more about Praxis, check out

If you are already thinking about applying, then just jump in and apply! It helps you understand the program even more and there is nothing to lose. If you use my Personal Application Link, get accepted and confirm you will begin the program then you will get $100!

~ Lacey Jade Lanzo

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