Although this info and video have already been posted to my website, I wanted to dedicate a post to this video alone. It was a lot of fun putting this video together and I’m really excited to be on the Praxis youtube channel in a way that can continue to create value for others.

You can learn more about Module 4 in my blog post, My Praxis Experience Month 4.

Critical Reasoning and The Structure of Arguments.

Week two [of module 4 in the Praxis program] has completely changed how I converse with people! After watching a series of lectures, I finally understand how to identify a solid or poor argument given by others or that I’ve expressed myself.

Having a deeper understanding of these things has put me in a position where I have to (thankfully) think more deeply about what I say I believe. Now I can more clearly defend believing in anything I claim to support.

I even had the opportunity and privilege of making a video about it for praxis daily here:

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