This post is the fifth part of a series of blog posts, reviewing my time in the Praxis program. Want to start at the beginning? Check out My Praxis Experience: Pre-Program and Month 1.

Placement and Finding my BP!

This month was very different from the rest. After I completed Module 4 (August), I started into the ”Placement” section of the Praxis program. (That technically used to be Module 5.) I was only in placement for a week, so to speak, because I was offered a position at a new Praxis Business Partner almost immediately.

Placement is where the curriculum becomes much more customized to the participants. Month 5 focuses more on value propositions that you can make for your potential business partners. Some participants may start this earlier because of certain circumstances, whereas others will begin along with their monthly plan.

I had two value propositions that I put together before landing my BP (Business Partner).
1. A breakdown of Google Analytics updates for My Magic Mud.
2. An Excellennial video that focused in on an issue that Mission First Operations told me about in an interview.

The Business Partner!

Three interviews, one small value proposition and multiple e-mails later – I received a job offer from Mission First Operations. I was so happy when read the email from my new boss that I was shaking with excitement all day!

(Don’t worry, you’ll hear lots more about my business partner in next months blog post. For now, I can say that I have worked for MFO – Mission First Operations – for a week and it has been AMAZING!)

Wait, now everything changes!

As for the first three weeks of September: most of this time was spent reviewing the apprenticeship material that Praxis provides, ensuring I had everything I needed to start working from home for my new job, getting to know my new business better through a few small projects, and putting in my notice to my job. Now I’m going to be brutally honest: this month taught me that it’s impossible to be 100% ready for significant life changes.

We will never be ready, but that’s not a bad thing!

TK Coleman, our Praxis Education Director, recently reminded me how important it is to learn out loud. (Sharing personal or professional lessons on a public platform.) I learned that it’s okay not to be ready for something. Quite frankly, I think there are very few things in our lives that we will ever be “ready” for in a complete sense. That might sound dramatic, but think about it:
Publish a Book or Website:
Are you ready to publish that book or a new website? No.

You could still have typos. You could have worded something differently on your last page or second blog post. You might think you have something grand to say but are too scared to share for fear of feedback.

You aren’t “ready” – but you should do it still. You may have something beautiful to give to the world or could even become better from others feedback.

Start a Family:
Are you ready to get married or have your first baby? No.

You may find that there are some things you didn’t know about your spouse until after you moved in together. You might not have all the parenting books read by the time the baby arrives.

You aren’t “ready” – but you should do it still. You could be an astounding wife/husband and an excellent parent.

The most obvious one – New Job:
Are you ready for your new job? No.

You might have no idea what you are doing. You may have a slight idea, but don’t know what your new day to day will be. You could do amazing things, but aren’t sure yet where you could make the most significant impact.

You aren’t “ready” – but you should do it still. You could kill it at the new job and expand your knowledge so far beyond your starting point.

I had a Slack chat about “being ready” with a couple of Praxians that have also been placed with their business partner now. They had some amazing thoughts.

Jack explained, “I’ve learned that the best moments of my life have been throwing myself into situations that I’m not 100% prepared for.”

Aly followed up by talking through the benefits of “not being ready” while working for our business partners: “For our BP experience, this can be valuable as there will constantly be things that get in the way of our end goal, resilience is a valuable quality for finding a way through the challenge, learning and growing more (throughout) the process.”

It might be scary to not feel prepared or comfortable in new situations, and that’s okay. So long as we remember that those experiences (that we aren’t ready for) are the crème de la crème of personal and professional growth.

I plan to bring this renewed focus on growth to my day to day life by doing the following:

*Listening to office hours each workday.
*Reading the intro and “work” sections of Mindset by Carol S. Dweck
*Continuing to post one Excellennial video to youtube once per week.
*Finishing a 5 hour program for Google Analytics
*Completing my first proper PDP (Professional Development Plan) for my business partner.

If you are interested in learning more about Praxis, check out

If you are already thinking about applying, then just jump in and apply! It helps you understand the program even more and there is nothing to lose. If you use my Personal Application Link, get accepted and confirm you will begin the program then you will get $100!

~ Lacey Jade Lanzo

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