This post is the fourth part of a series of blog posts, reviewing my time in the Praxis program. Want to start at the beginning? Check out My Praxis Experience: Pre-Program and Month 1.

I Survived Praxis Module 4…

Some members of my May cohort, including myself, are convinced that we need to make a t-shirt that says on it “I survived Praxis Module 4!” – Which just about sums up how overwhelming the fourth module in the Praxis program feels, and yet, we are all better for it.
Going into this module, I hear participants and advisors alike say that it’s a lot to take in. A couple of people even (thankfully) suggested to me that I try to knock out the content from week one and week two within the first seven days of the month. That makes so much sense now that I’ve gone through the module.
I’ve said it for a while, but it has never been more accurate than with module four: each week with Praxis feel like it has lasted a month instead of seven days.

… and I’ve Learned So Much!

Now you get how intense month four is, but let me tell you why it was so valuable and important!

Each week, my cohort and I went over a different overarching topic. These weeks allowed us to do a deep dive into some pretty important ideas that could change how to interact with the world. Wait, there’s more! Sure it could have just been a reading assignment or a video to watch, but no – We are Praxians!

So to finish off each week, we all had to make an individual video – more specifically – about the weeks content, what we got out of it, how we may apply it to our lives if we disagreed with anything, why we agreed or disagreed, etc. After posting this to our shared group, we each had to challenge other people inside our cohort to help each of us think more in-depth into the claims we made in our videos.
Here is how our weeks of module four were broken down:

Week 1: An Intro to Philosophy and Opening Up to New Ideas.

Week 2: Critical Reasoning and The Structure of Arguments.

Week 3: Art and Commerce in History and Everything Inbetween.

Week 4: What it Means to Create and What That Means Going Forward.

An Intro to Philosophy and Opening Up to New Ideas.

Week one kicks off with articles and videos helped me keep an open mind to new ideas. This content was so strategically placed because it puts you in the perfect mindset to get even more out of the next three weeks. Even if you ultimately disagreed with some of the content.
Check out my week one blog post and video below:

Critical Reasoning and The Structure of Arguments.

Week two has completely changed how I converse with people! After watching a series of lectures, I finally understand how to identify a solid or poor argument given by others or that I’ve expressed myself.

Having a deeper understanding of these things has put me in a position where I have to (thankfully) think more deeply about what I say I believe. Now I can more clearly defend believing in anything I claim to support.

I even had the opportunity and privilege of making a video about it for praxis daily here:
Check out my week two blog post and video below:

Art and Commerce in History and Everything Inbetween.

Art is so far beyond what I initially understood it to be! Art is (of course) about expression, telling stories, showing others what is happening in your mind or heart, it is a reflection on the world, it is a limitless expanse of reformed ideas.

I wasn’t surprised by any of that, but I was surprised to learn from a series of lectures, called Culture and Commerce, that art is also about creating value for others to enjoy. It is not just about you and your ideas of beauty. Instead, it is also about feeding the market what they want. The people buying your goods affect what exactly your products morph to become.

The Culture and Commerce lectures taught me that we’ve had the arts and the economy intertwined since the times of Shakespeare and earlier!

Check out my week three blog post and video below:

What it Means to Create and What That Means Going Forward.

Alright, all of that philosophy and value creation is great and all – but what now?

That’s the best part! Lastly, week four talks all about what it means to “copy, transform and combine” other creations to create another kind of value. This concept is then followed up by a series of posts talking through the future of technology. More specifically, how it will continue to grow and take over many industries!

Check out my week four blog post and video below:
Although getting through this month was far more challenging than I could’ve imagined, I still have more tools in my belt to help me understand and add to the world around me.

I can see the world differently now that I’ve gone through such a big crash course in philosophy, value creation, the direction of the future and how my role can play a part in all of that.

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~ Lacey Jade Lanzo

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