I previously wrote about the Pros and Cons of Tiny House Building, but the build is only half the story. Here’s the other half: Pros and Cons of Tiny House Living!

PRO: It’s affordable living, once the build is over.

Many RV parks charge less than $500 per month for lot rent and utility cost next to nothing. Our last utility bill was $39, with the AC running all day, consistent use of the fridge, microwave, cook-top and more.

That is also one of the highest bills we’ve ever had.

Here you can see our two white dressers.
One for myself and one for Eddie.

(That’s all the clothes we have!)


CON: You have to get rid of a lot of stuff!

Clearing out unnecessary items is the first step in living tiny and it is difficult! Eddie and I got rid of a ton of stuff and thought we were fine to move into the tiny house. Once we moved into the tiny house with four carloads of stuff, we realized we were wrong and had to pare down even more! (I would highly suggest looking into the Marie Kondo methods to help to size down and organizing!)

PRO: Cleaning is a piece of cake!

Cleaning a whole 2,000 sq ft house may take sometime but cleaning a 200 sq ft tiny house takes no time at all! I love cleaning, so I really like to detail the house and typically still spend less then an hour cleaning the whole house.

Here’s a photo of our house being transported from the building site to our lot. This was scary!

CON: Parking your house can be a pain.

After researching about 10 or so different places to park our tiny house, we found out how difficult it can be to find a location for your home. Many RV parks rejected our home insisting that it is a ‘park model’ when it is not. Homeowners that were more than willing to rent out their backyards didn’t have 50 AMP hook ups that we needed. Then after searching for a couple months, we finally found an RV park that happily accepted something so unique.

PRO: You find out what is really valuable to you.

When you have to get rid of so much, you find out what really matters to you. You learn what it feels like to have the clutter go away and no longer feel weighed down by your stuff. Relationships and experiences suddenly become a little more important when you have less stuff to distract you from meaningful friendships and fun things to do that you never would have known you enjoyed.

CON: The confined space can be difficult for some relationships.

A question I hear a lot from people is, “what do you do when you just want to get away from each other or be alone?” You have to remember that you are not confined to your tiny house! If either of us want some space, one of us will take the dog for a walk or something of the like. With that said, you may be pretty surprised at how rare this feeling occurs. Typically we are working on our own thing with one of us in the loft and the other one in the living room. With this set up, you already feel like you have your own space. I understand that it could be difficult, but it is completely realistic to have a healthy relationship in a tiny house.

PRO: You are constantly reminded that you did something amazing.
When you are in the shower and you think to yourself: “I installed this indoor waterfall.” When you are climbing into your loft and think: “I secured each and every floorboard that is holding me up right now.” When you cozy up with a blanket and think: “my house is warm because I packed the insulation into all these walls.”

When you come home from a long day at work, pull into your driveway in front of your house and have to stop to think… “I built this house.” It’s a feeling that will leave you speechless at times in awe that something so fantastic has occurred in your life, something you decided to do and made happen. That’s a huge accomplishment that one should be proud of.

CON: Leveling your house when storms hit…
This is something a lot of people don’t think about, but… sometimes your house will not be level. After a big storm, Eddie and I can usually tell that the house is off balance because it feels wrong from the inside. We also will notice because we won’t be able to open our front door very easily. This is (thankfully) a small inconvenience if you have nice jacks already installed on your trailer, twenty minutes and a small level handy.

Now, after living in my home since September 2014, I have to say that it has changed some things. I think about the world differently now. I used to be extremely independent, now I’ve had to learn about interdependence. For example, we can’t have an indoor workout room, because there is no space. Instead we workout outside on our patio or at a local gym.

On the other hand, we don’t have to make house payments because we own our house. There is always a trade-off, whether you are talking about independence VS interdependence or the pros VS cons of living in a small space.


Would you ever live in a tiny house? Would you want it to be pre-built or would you want to build it yourself? What do you think about interdependence for tiny house owners? Let me know in the comments. Questions are welcome!

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