When I tell people I live in a tiny house I get a lot of questions. Some questions are focused on the confined space, many on the excitement of the experimental lifestyle and others on the financial advantages and disadvantages. No matter what part of the tiny house lifestyle you talk about, there are pros and cons to it all. This post is specifically about the building pros and cons; want to read more? Check out my post on Pros and Cons of Tiny House Living.

PRO: You get to customize the while house!
It was so much fun detailing our house, down to the type of wood we used. We choose our window trim color, siding stain, floor type, floor design, wainscoting height and so much more. You get to choose every detail in the house, which makes it truely yours!

CON: You have to make nearly every decision.

This is really a two sided coin. On one hand, customization is a lot of fun but having to make all the decisions can get difficult and stressful. You can get a bit overwhelmed with the research, time and energy that has to go into each step. All the while, trying to stay within a budget!

PRO: You learn about so many things and gain experience!
Before building our tiny house I didn’t know much about different toilet types, how plumbing fits together, what the different gauges of electrical wire do or why the R-value of insulation was so important. You end up learning a lot about a large variety of topics when you build a tiny house.

CON: It nearly always takes more time and money than expected.I believe we started with a 10k budget, which turned to 15k, then 20k. We now have spent approximately $22,000 to build our tiny house and expect to spend an additional two thousand to finish it. We also expected to be done building it in a few months but are now going on year 2 of a partially unfinished house. (Though it is livable and we have been living in it since September 2014.)

PRO: You can have Tiny House Building Gatherings!
If you have enough friends that are willing to help, you can have a little Tiny House Building party.This can be pretty fun with a bunch of friends that can help you build your house. Be sure you clearly tell them what you need! Sometimes friends may not know what to do to help you and may not have much building experience

CON: It’s challenging finding a good build site.

Take into consideration: weather, animals, time of year, amount of time you can build per week, site prices and so on. These are very big factors in deciding when and where to build. Eddie and I build our house outdoors at a friends ranch and began in February. Between the chilly February mornings, the rain delays of April, and the dire heat of Texas in June…. I’d say to never build your house outside if you have other options. We also dealt with multiple scorpions, tons of wolf spiders, and even found ourselves a rattlesnake at the end of our build while cleaning up supplies and tarps. Stay inside kids, or don’t live in Texas.

Needless to say, through the good, the bad and the rattler, it was worth it.

I’m still convinced that building our tiny house, The Deliberateer, was one of the best decisions of my life. Building a house is tough, no matter what the circumstances are but it is a massive accomplishment.

Would you ever consider building a tiny house? Why or why not? Are you currently building one? What are your pros and cons? Let me know in the comments. Questions are welcome!

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