Acroyoga is a combination acrobatics and yoga with three roles: base, flyer, and spotter.


This is the person who lays on the ground and is the foundation of the activity. The base holds the flyer in the air by holding the flyer’s hands or shoulders and by placing their feet on the flyers hips or lower belly. While at the same time working to ‘stack’ or align their hips and shoulders with the flyer to stabilize and support the pose or stretch. This is very important for the base as this highly effects how difficult it is to hold the weight of the flyer and can keep the activity safe if done correctly.


Pro Tip: As a base, communication clearly and remember to stack!


This is the person who is elevated off the ground or ‘flying’ on the feet or hands of the base. Something that is sometimes disregarded is that the flyer and base both have their work cut out for them. The flyer has to do half of the maneuvering, making sure they aren’t moving to fast or to slow, doing their best to tighten the right muscles and relaxing others.They do have the advantage of gravity sometimes too.

Pro Tip: As a flyer, focusing on trusting and listening to your base and keep your core flexed!



This is the person who is firmly on the ground with their two feet, with the purpose of keeping everyone safe. The spotter must make sure they are in the right place at the right time to grab or guide the flyer if they start to tumble. It’s a really simple thing to do but the spotter is extremely important. Especially with new or riskier poses.

Pro Tip: As a spotter, making sure you are in the right spot and close enough but also not in the way! (I’ve nearly caused falls for being in the wrong spot, be careful!)


Benefits of Acroyoga:

Some Yoga Benefits
Yoga is known for many mental and physical advantages. Increased muscle strength, flexibility, balance, better concentration, calmer state of mind and many more. Some of the same benefits of yoga are gained with acroyoga as well.

Thrills of Acrobatics

Thankfully the farthest you will fall with acroyoga is around five feet, give or take depending on your partner’s height. With that said, the same dangers of true acrobatics are not present. Though you can get badly hurt and still should be very careful. There are proper safety precautions with acroyoga but you are not in an extremely high-risk situation and still get the trill of acrobatic activities.

Relationship Building
Whoever you do acroyoga with, you have an opportunity to build on your relationship with them. Be it a friend, partner or total stranger! When you are in a situation where you need to trust this other person for your safety, you build a bond with them. This is awesome for making friends!

Would you ever try acroyoga? Have you tried it before? If so, what did you think if it? Please comment below and share your experience!

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