I live in a tiny house on a trailer with my husband Eddie, and our excitable little chihuahua, Clark. (We named him after Superman!)

The house is just under 200 sq ft, including the sleeping loft and storage. That’s just 100 sq ft per person, and I couldn’t imagine living any other way. It is perfect for our little family and has been our home since September of 2014.

Here are some photos from mid-2015 and a video tour that Clark and I did with Jenna and Guillaume. (Tiny House Giant Journey.)

The house has been updated quite a bit since this video and these photos, but still is not fully completed. After the video was made, all time and energy went into planning our wedding. Now we are happily married and we only have to finish the bathroom and kitchen.

Do you think you could ever live in a tiny house? Why or why not? Would you be able to handle a roommate or a pet? Comment below and let me know your thoughts!

This blog post was originally published on my website from 2016 called The Whimsy Reader. When I consolidated my writings, this was republished here on LaceyLanzo.com.

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